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News: Ethiopia supreme court reduces jail terms of Ethiopian Muslims including two journalists who were sentenced on terrorism charges

  Etenesh Abera Addis Abeba, December 11/2017 – The Ethiopian federal supreme court has today reduced the jail terms of 20 defendants who were accused and sentenced to various years in jail after having been charged of terrorism related offenses. On January 03, 2017, the federal High court 19the criminal bench has sentenced all but […]

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Interview: They were even terrified to hear that the title of my book included the name Mae’kelawi: Solomon Kebede

Solomon Kebede was detained by the government and charged with multiple terrorism charges when he was working as a managing editor of Yemuslimoch Guday (Muslim’s Affairs), the only surviving Muslim affairs oriented magazine up until the beginning of 2013. His arrest resulted in the closure of the magazine. After serving three years and three months […]

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